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   All of the campers on this page are
    and no longer available for sale.

92 Toyota Hilux Sunrader 4X4 Auto trans SOLD

92 4x4 toyota hilux sunrader auto trans 3000vv turbo diesel


98 Isuzu Elf Camper SOLD

98 Isuzu Elf


94 Toyota Hiace Composer PopTop Camper SOLD

2000 Mazda E-2000 Camper with shower and Toilet SOLD

1995 Toyota Hiace Camper with shower and Toilet SOLD

1991 Toyota Hilux Sunrader 4X4 3.0L turbo Diesel SOLD

1994 Isuzu Fargo 2.4 Diesel engine SOLD

1992 Toyota Toyoace BU66, 3700cc diesel engine SOLD



    Toyota Hilux Sunrader 3000cc Turbo Diesel SOLD 



 89 Toyota Hilux 4x4 2800cc Diesel SOLD 



  Toyota Hilux 4X4 3000cc turbo Diesel Global Galaxy SOLD



 90 Toyota Hilux Sunrader 4X4 2.4 Turbo Petrol SOLD 



 93 Toyota Hilux 4x4 2800cc Diesel SOLD


 90 Toyota Hilux 2WD 3000cc turbo diesel engine SOLD 


  92 Toyota Hilux 4x4 2800cc Diesel SOLD


 Toyota Toyoace, Auto Trans, 3700cc diesel engine, SOLD 





90 Mazda T3500 3500cc Diesel SOLD


 96 Mitisubishi Canter 6 Berth 3300cc Diesel SOLD
     88 Toyota Dyna 3000cc Diesel SOLD  





00 Toyota Hiace Van 2800cc   SOLD



96 Isuzu Elf 4300cc SOLD

86 Toyota Hilux 2400cc Petrol SOLD


89 Toyota Sunrader 3000cc turbo Diesel SOLD


89 Toyota Dyna 3660cc Diesel SOLD


 89 Toyota Hiace 4x4 2400 Diesel SOLD


 92 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 2800cc Diesel SOLD


  99 Toyota manual 4x4 Manual 3000cc Diesel SOLD









  95 Isuzu Elf Turbo 4600cc Diesel SOLD








 98 Toyota Camroad 2800cc Diesel SOLD

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