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   We can find the car that you want, at the price you want, and get it here for you on the road with a new WOF ready for registration ($400 about). Use our knowledge of cars and importing to get the right car at the right price. There is no reason why you should pay retail. First, We need information from you about the type of car you want , and that will give us some of the information we need to search Japanese Auctions daily and place bids on vehicles that fit your requirements and with a price that we have worked out before hand.

The agreed price will be a total price on the road including a new WOF that you want to pay, you only need to pay for registration at the end. It's that easy.

There is another way we can do this and that is If you want the chance to get the car at even a cheaper price, then you nominate the bid price and if it sells at auction cheaper then that is the price you pay, a copy of all paper work for all costs is supplied , My fee for this way of importing is $2000 but the disadvantages of this way is that sometimes there are extra costs and also all risks are your responsibility . 

Please be aware that not every car can be registered on road in NZ and with new emission laws in place so please ask if the vehicle you want can be registered on road in NZ, usually 2006 onwards is ok. If you have an Auction log in from us and are looking at the cars in Japan you will need to make sure there is a 3 digit emission code in front of the chassis number .  If you are interested in going further then please E-Mail us or fill out this form Click here  to tell us what type of car you are thinking of importing.


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