Here is some Info on our Band & the Members

POURING RAIN is a 4-piece original rock band formed in 1998 by brothers

Cary & Bob Moore after a good stint at playing covers in an AC\DC rock band

 called ROLLING THUNDER, which was fronted by another brother Derek Moore.

Starting off as a 3-piece and then moving on to the 2-guitar sound the band has

 a pop,rock,punk sound which varies from song to song.But with a band filled

with 80s rock fans we don't go out of the circle to much. a 12 song CD out called

PISSIN DOWN which has some early roar stuff & some later milder stuff but it

all falls under the pouring rain category. A lot of it is just flat out as Bob only knows

 one speed on drums, but some songs we managed to slow him down a bit which

added some contrast between the songs so you don't get bored with one style.

If you like the crunch of 2 guitars then Clive Matamua & Glen Parslow will

show you how its done.Labelling Pouring Rain a guitar band is an understatment

 as there understanding of 2 guitars means there catchy riffs & basic rhythems

 are one, and tend to resurface later on

 (probably 4 in the morning when your trying to sleep)


Now Some Brief Member Info

Bob Moore -I have been playing drums for about 10 years now,

done about 6 years in rolling thunder,3 years in pouring rain & still going strong,

I like my music load & subby,

love V8s,drive a 71 impala coupe & 69 dodge charger

(a genuine general lee)& I laugh at jap cars,Love my pitbull,

Love fear factory,supertramp,AC/DC.


Cary Moore-Played lead guitar for rolling thunder and then switched

to bass & vocals for pouring rain which was a bit of a turnaround but at the

 time there were no bass players around & heaps of guitarists,I also had a go

 at lead vocals for an Iron Maiden tribute band called ACES HIGH back in mid 90s

 which was a strech vocaly but it's in the past now.Lucky enough to run a home

recording studio,love 50 htz bass,love NISSAN SKYLINES especially GTRs,

cool bands for me are ACDC of course,Iron Maiden,Offspring,Chemical Brothers,

Fur Patrol,Betchadupa.


Clive Matamua-I have been playing guitar for about 8 years now in

various cover bands,did a couple of years as guitarist in Open Oyster,my musical

influences are really anything but enjoy rock music best.I like sports especially

cricket & drinking (beer or spirits).


Glen Parsloe-done 13 years on my axe & have played in a couple

of bands,spent 4 years in Under Presure,& 4 years in Damn Image,now I'm

in pouring rain,I also like cars,alsorts,Bands I like would be Dream Theatre,

Judus Priest,& Fear Factory.